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The Stanley's Take First Prize!*

Stanley Brothers WCYB Radio transcription disc gets most votes!

WCYB Radio transcription disc
Side One Side Two

Well the voting for the Virginia Association of Museum's "Top 10 Endangered Artifacts" is now over, and thanks to a last minute spurt the Stanley's acetate has got 5,932 votes, putting it in first place!

Since voting began on the 15th Jan 2018, up until the last few hours on the 24th, the 18th Century merchant ship had largely led the race to get $4-$5,000 grant towards restoration. However thanks to Stanley fans across the world, there was a last minute spike in votes for the Stanley Brothers acetate and the merchant ship came second with 5,533 votes by the deadline of midnight.

Thanks to everyone who voted, re-voted, shared facebook posts etc. I suspect that without Jeanie Stanley's efforts, the results would have been much different, so huge kudos to Jeanie...

According to the Cybergrass article that broke the news about the competition, the winners will be recognised by a special reception at the Virginia Historical Society in Richmond, Virginia, on 21st February 2018 and additionally acknowledged at VAM's Statewide Annual Conference on March 12, 2018 during an awards luncheon.

The Birthplace Of Country Music museum is planning to restore the audio from the Stanley's recording using the non-destructive IRENE process developed by the Northest Document Conservation Center.

From a recent Facebook post by Urban Haglund, the acetate was donated by to the museum by Glen Harlow. Photographs of the labels, confirm the track list as:-

  1. We'll Be Sweethearts In Heaven
  2. Little Maggie
  3. The Nine Pound Hammer
  4. Are You Waiting Just For Me
  5. That Lonesome River
  6. Pike County Breakdown
  7. Lee Highway Blues
  8. I'll Have A New Life
  9. The Prisoners Song

I hope that the digitisation process goes well and that Birthplace Of Country Music museum are able to make the recordings publically available in some form!

You can see all the results on the Virginia Association of Museums webpage:

(*) And as the old Stanley joke goes, let's hope they don't make 'em give it back...


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