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Replica Rebel T-Shirt

Get Your Shirt Together!

Insert from an old Rebel LP

Anybody who's bought their fair share of old early 70's Rebel LP's will probably have, occasionally, come across a paper insert advertising various 'iron-on' transfers for bluegrass T-Shirts.

As an experiment I thought I'd try to follow the "Get Your Shirt Togther!" advice and make a replica of the "Ralph Stanley" design. To do so I scanned the design into my PC at 600 dpi and combined it with the larger picture of Ralph from a cover of John Wright's 2nd edition of his '5-String Banjo Stanley Style' booklet.

I then used the UK's Vistaprint website to re-create the T-Shirt design, and as the results were fairly good, I thought I'd share the Photoshop file, in case anyone else wants to make one for themselves...
(Vistaprint also have a US site though I'm sure you could use the design on other sites if you prefer)

The Photoshop file has a transparent background, so will work on other colour shirts... except black!

Download the Photoshop .PSD file here (2.15 Mb).

Lo-res preview of the design The finished T-Shirt




NB: DISCLAIMER: - I've provided this file in case anyone wants to make their own shirt... It is provided 'as is' and I therefore can't accept any liability for any dissatisfaction, if you're not happy with the results. I also have absolutely nothing to do with Vistaprint, except being an occasional customer of theirs.

PS:- A couple of people also asked about getting a copy of the "Curly Ray Cline" design, so I've scanned that & added an optional rear design with the photo from the back of the Why Me Ralph? LP.

Download the Curly Ray Cline - Front Photoshop .PSD file here (6.75 Mb).

Download the Curly Ray Cline - Rear Photoshop .PSD file here (6.88 Mb).

The finished T-Shirt (Front) The finished T-Shirt (Rear)




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