Clinch Mountain Echo

John's Gospel Quartet - Songs Of Mother And Home

(Wango LP-106) c1965

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I'm not sure whether the Wango 105 and 106 albums were released in 1965 or 66, but both were recorded at Ray Davis' studio at Johnny's Used Cars in November 1964.[1]

Jack Cooke who played guitar on the album recalled:- "While I was in Baltimore, Carter and Ralph, I'd always do shows with them. They'd come through and they'd always call me. We recorded some stuff for John's Gospel Quartet. It's a used car lt there in Baltimore. Johnny's Used Car Lot, 4801 Harford Road. I never will forget that. Johnny was sponsoring the show and Ray Davis, he was the announcer, the MC on the radio station. And we recorded those albums up over (the) top of the car lot, in a building up over top of the sales department. We had a little studio up there. And we done, I guess it was about four albums of that, John's Gosepl Quartet. And Carter and Ralph, they was tied up with a record company, you know, so that's the reason they called it John's Gospel Quartet."[2]

Originally Ray Davis sold the albums over the air, and they were housed in plain cardboard sleeves. I've seen copies go for $100 or so on ebay, but fortunately the albums have all been reissued, with Wango 106 being reissued as Stanley Brothers Of Virginia, Vol. 1: That Little Old Country Church House.

It's a shame that all four albums haven't appeared on CD - they would after all easily fit on a double CD set.


For much more detailed information on these sessions, check Gary B. Reid's The Music Of The Stanley Brothers book, pages 186-189 and 215-216.

Side One:
That Little Old Country Church House

Connie Leigh
Nobody Answered Me

Albert E. Brumley
Shake My Mother's Hand For Me

Thomas A. Dorsey
I Heard My Mother Call My Name In Prayer

Eugene M. Bartlett
Mother's Only Sleeping

Maynard Spencer / Lance Spencer
Shake Hands With Mother Again

W.A. Berry
Side Two:
Hide Ye In The Blood

P.D. ?
Give Me Your Hand

Johnson Oatman Jr.
Where We'll Never Grow Old

James C. Moore
Leaning On The Everlasting Arms

Elisha A. Hoffman / Anthony J. Showalter
Angel Band

Jefferson Hascall / William B. Bradbury
Are You Washed In The Blood?

Elisha Hoffman
Farther Along

W.B. Stevens

Go To Top Of Page [1] Gary B. Reid's "The Music Of The Stanley Brothers" book (p.186-189)
[2] John Wright's book "Traveling The High Way Home" (p.136)