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Jim Lauderdale & Ralph Stanley - Lost In The Lonesome Pines

(Dualtone 80302-01125-2) 2002

Lost In The Lonesome Pines
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This is the second of two decent collaborations between Jim Lauderdale and Ralph. It was recorded at Maggard Sound studios in Big Stone Gap, Va. with the exception of Boat Of Love which was recorded at Bay View Recording, Richmond, Ca.

Bill Monroe's Boat Of Love was performed live by The Stanley Brothers on their last show at Bean Blossom 16th Oct. 1966[1], the version here features a guest perfomance by George Shuffler on bass/bass vocal. All the other tracks are new to the Stanley repertoire and either written or co-written by Jim Lauderdale.

Three of the songs were co-written with Candace Randolph, who had been a member of The Lost Kentuckians. Some of her songs had previously been recorded by Ralph on The Stanley Sound Today and Lonesome And Blue LPs.

Robert Hunter, the Grateful Dead lyricist, also co-wrote Deep Well Of Sadness.

There was a promo video for the humorous She's Looking At Me, with Allison Moorer.

The album won a Grammy for best bluegrass album in 2002, and it certainly has a strong selection of songs with the CMB's in fine form.

I must confess I don't really know anything about Jim, but he apparently was a bluegrass / Stanley Brothers fan as a child, and had become a prolific Nashvile singer-songwriter, with several albums within the Country/Americana field.

Jim had sung If I Lose with Ralph on the 1997 Clinch Mountain Country project.

He later appeared with Ralph guesting on I Feel Like Singing Today on the Merlefest 2008 CDR, and co-produced the Cracker Barrell Man Of Constant Sorrow CD in 2014.

Deep Well Of Sadness

Robert Hunter / Jim Lauderdale
The Apples Are Just Turning Ripe

Jim Lauderdale
Lost In The Lonesome Pines

Jim Lauderdale

Jim Lauderdale
Quit That

Candace Randolph / Jim Lauderdale
I Think Somebody Better Come Back Home

Candace Randolph / Jim Lauderdale

Shawn Camp / Jim Lauderdale
Forever Ain't No Trouble Now

Shawn Camp / Jim Lauderdale
She Would Not Tell Her More

Candace Randolph / Jim Lauderdale
I Should Have Listened To Good Advice

Jim Lauderdale
Oh Soul!

Robert Hunter / Jim Lauderdale
She's Looking At Me

Jim Lauderdale
Boat Of Love

Bill Monroe
Listen To The Shepherd

Jim Lauderdale


Go To Top Of Page [1] The Stanley Brother's performance is on Together For The Last Time.