Clinch Mountain Echo

V/A - American Folk & Country Music

(Bear Family BVD-20101-AT) 2003

V/A - American Folk & Country Music
Rear Cover George Shuffler and Cousin Emmy
George Shuffler, Cousin Emmy and Don Miller Cousin Emmy and Don Miller
George Shuffler, Cousin Emmy, Don Miller and Chick Stripling The Stanley Brothers
The Stanley Brothers Musicians for The Square Dance
The Square Dance (Note Ralph Stanley and John Cohen jiggling their feet) Square Dance Caller
Chick Stripling Dancing the Finale Chick Stripling Dancing the Finale

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There seems to be very little surviving footage of Carter Stanley, so any performance by The Stanley Brothers is quite precious, even if they weren't on top form - as was the case here.

This TV show was recorded at the start of the 'American Folk & Country Music' package tour, over three days from 1st - 3rd March 1966 in Baden-Baden, Germany. The tour which went to Germany, Switzerland, England, Denmark and Sweden included The Stanley Brothers, The New Lost City Ramblers, Roscoe Holcomb, Cousin Emmy and the cajun band Cyp Landreneau's Mamou Playboys.

The 43 min show was called 'Volksmusik der Welt' and includes a couple of tracks by The Stanley Brothers, with the Clinch Mountain Boys also accompanying Cousin Emmy and everyone taking part in backing the square dance and 'buck & wing' dance by Chick Stripling which concludes proceedings. The remainder features splendid old time music and should please most fans of the old time mountain style.

On occasions Carter rather thrashes his guitar, particularly in the background during Tracy Schwarz's introduction to the square dance segment and it's notable that on How Mountain Boys Can Love the key is lowered from 'A' to 'G'. According to Tracy Schwarz the musicians only had an hour's rest after arriving in Baden-Baden before they had to go to the SWF TV studios to start filming, and both Chick and Carter had taken advantage of the duty free on the flight over.

Both the Stanley Brothers tracks have inevitably found their way onto youtube, but I don't think the other footage with the CMB's, or the Square Dance / the 'buck & wing' dance finale have resurfaced elsewhere.

This one is not easy to find, and it's a shame that it wasn't also included in the 2007 lavish live album box, American Folk & Country Music Festival that the Bear Family later released. See that entry for more info on the European tour.

PS: In an Oral history interview with George Shuffler about 13 months before his death in 2014, he mentions this TV show and his desire to see it. I hope he got his wish...

Sourwood Mountain - The New Lost City Rambers

Rambling Boy - The New Lost City Ramblers

A.P. Carter ?
Born And Raised In Covington (aka Boston Burglar)- Roscoe Holcomb

M.J. Fitzpatrick ?
Barbara Allen - Roscoe Holcomb

Sally Ann - Tracy Schwarz

Old Smoky - Roscoe Holcomb

Liza Jane - The New Lost City Ramblers

La Palle S'Crouces - Cyprien Landreneau and His Band

La Valse Des Opelousas - Cyprien Landreneau and His Band

Going Down The Road Feeling Bad - Cousin Emmy

Turkey In The Straw - Cousin Emmy

Give The Fiddler A Dram - Cousin Emmy

How Mountain Girls Can Love - Stanley Brothers

Ruby Rakes
Rank Stranger - Stanley Brothers

Albert E. Brumley
Grey Eagle - Square Dance

Chicken Reel - Dance Finale



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