Clinch Mountain Echo

Ralph Stanley - Volume 1 (Recorded Live In 1971)

(Stanley Tone C-4538) c1991

Volume 1 (Recorded Live In 1971)

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This is a cassette Ralph released circa 1991 [1] featuring a live performance from 2nd - 5th September 1971 at Carlton Haney's Labor Day Weekend festival at Camp Springs, Reidsville, NC.

Five of the tracks were later reissued on CD as part of the Classic Stanley live compilation.

The Camps Spring festival was filmed by Albert Ihde and released as Bluegrass Country Soul. This is an absolutely fantastic film for bluegrass fans, with stellar performances and a knock-out line-up. In the film the CMB's are shown performing Man Of constant Sorrow from the same afternoon set as this tape, and there are a couple of other clips with Curly Ray taking part in a mass fiddle rendition of Sally Goodin and clips of the band in the festival grounds.

Sadly, Roy Lee Centers is not present, as one of his children had had an accident the previous Tuesday and was critically ill in hospital. [2]

Presumably the festival was recorded for the soundtrack to the film, by the festivals soundman Ken Alexander. Many of these tapes have subsequently resurfaced, including a collaborative set with Jimmy Martin and Ralph and another where Mac Wiseman / Chubby Wise play on a couple of numbers. [3]

On the cassette, the version of The Angels Are Singing In Heaven Tonight is faded out to make a cut in the recording less obtrusive.

Thanks to Barry Lane for the loan of the cassette.

Side One:
Pig In A Pen

P.D. or Arthur Smith?
Black Mountain Blues

Arr. Bucke
The Angels Are Singing In Heaven Tonight

C. Stanley
Let Me Rest At The End Of My Journey

R. Stanley / C. Stanley
Little Maggie

Side Two:
Nobody's Love Is Like Mine

C. Stanley
Cry From The Cross

Johnnie Masters
Man Of Constant Sorrow

R.D. Burnett
Katy Daley

Eamon O'Shea arr Paul Mullins
Rank Stranger

Albert E. Brumley


Go To Top Of Page [1] I'm not sure exactly when it was released, but a mate bought a copy from Ralph when they played at the Edale festival in the UK in 1991..
[2] On the cassette, Ralph says after Little Maggie "I'd like to tell you that Roy Lee Centers, that's usually with us is er.., one of his children had a bad accident Tuesday night and is in the hospital in a real critical condition, he couldn't be with us, so Keith Whitley is standing in and doing a fine job in Roy Lee's place." The previous Tuesday would have been 31st August - the day after they'd recorded the Sing Michigan Bluegrass LP.