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Ralph Stanley - Back To The Cross

(Freeland Recording Co. FRC-CD638) 1992

Back To The Cross
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This Gospel album was recorded on 19th March 1992 at Music Row Audio in Nashville, Tn.

It was the first release on Dick Freeland's new label, after he'd come out of retirement (having sold Rebel at the end of the '70s). It was also the first album to feature Art Stamper on 2nd fiddle and together with Shelton Feazell singing bass, the sound is a bit different. Or maybe it's just the Nashville studio...

Art Stamper had played with The Stanley Brothers in the '50s, and I guess had been brought back to help on fiddle due to Curly Ray's health problems.

Back To The Cross had previously been recorded by Flatt & Scruggs in 1950.

Sinner Man is a different song to the one Ralph had cut on his 1971 Cry From The Cross LP.

Over The Sunset Hill had previously been recorded by Ralph on Over The Sunset Hill, his second LP for King in 1968.

No Burdens Pass Through had previously been recorded by The Stanley Brothers for King in 1964, and was written by Paul 'Moon' Mullins,[1] who also recorded the song in 1966 on his LP 'Hymns From The Hills' (Jalyn JLP 106).

Ricky Skaggs mother, Dorothy Skaggs wrote When We Meet On That Evergreen Shore and had sung it on Ricky's 1975 'That's It' (Rebel SLP-1550) LP.

I'm Gonna Sing

Mac McMillion
Back To The Cross

Jessie Mae Martin
Waitin' For The Master To Come

Judy Marshall
Give Me Jesus

Emma Smith
Sinner Man

P.D. arr Garlin Groves / Cherryl Ellison
No Burdens Pass Through

Paul Mullins / C. Stanley
Silent Warden

Larry Roark / R. Stanley
You'd Better Stop

Larry Roark / R. Stanley
When We Meet On That Evergreen Shore

Dorothy Skaggs
Gonna' Be Movin'

Randall Hylton
Over The Sunset Hill

R. Stanley
He Took Me In

Jessie Mae Martin

Go To Top Of Page [1] Gary B. Reid's book 'The Music Of The Stanley Brothers' (p. 179)