Clinch Mountain Echo

Keith Whitley & Ricky Skaggs - Tribute To The Stanley Brothers

(Jalyn JLP-129) 1971

Tribute To The Stanley Brothers
Rear Cover Side One Side Two

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According to the sleeve notes, this album was recorded on 9th Jan 1971, however Ricky Skaggs remembers it as having been recorded the day before: "We did our first album, 'Tribute To The Stanley Brothers', in a few hours before a night show in Dayton. I always remembered that we cut it on January 8, 'cause there was an old fiddle tune called "Eigth Of Jauary" that the old-timers in eastern Kentucky used to play. It seemed like a good omen to make our first record that day." [1]

Ron Thomason recalled: "That was actually the first time I ever recorded with Ralph. And I'd say that was probably four hours' business for us. I remember we just shot right through it. As I recall I don't believe Ralph sang at all on that record and played just a little bit of banjo. Hardly any at all. Roy Lee mostly played the banjo. All Ralph actually did was just sort of lend his band out. He might have sung on "Lonesome River" if it's on the record. I think Ricky sung the real high part. I think Ralph did tenor (on) one some there and I can't remember which one it was." [2]

The album was later reissued on Jalyn with the same catalogue number but shown as by Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain Boys - Featuring Keith Whitley & Ricky Skaggs.

Also, according to Ron Thomason, this album was paid for by Skaggs and Whitley's parents. At the time it was recorded Keith was 15 and Ricky 16.

Six weeks afterwards the band recorded the Cry From The Cross album for Rebel.

In 1983 ten of the twelve tracks were reissued credited to Ricky Skaggs as Lonesome River, with Mother No Longer Awaits Me At Home and The Angels Are Singing In Heaven Tonight being omitted. The Canadian LP makes no mention of Ralph or Keith Whitley.

Ten of the twelve songs have also been reissued on the 2xCD set The Complete Jessup Recordsings Plus!. For some inexplicable/annoying reason this time White Dove and The Angels Are Singing In Heaven Tonight are omitted...

Thanks to Mick Cleare for the heads-up on the Lonesome River LP.

Side One:
We'll Be Sweethearts In Heaven

C. Stanley
Mother No Longer Awaits Me At Home

R. Stanley / C. Stanley
White Dove

C. Stanley
Our Last Goodbye

C. Stanley
Lonesome River

C. Stanley
I Love No One But You

C. Stanley
Side Two:
The Angels Are Singing In Heaven Tonight

C. Stanley
It's Never Too Late

C. Stanley
Loving You Too Well

C. Stanley
Too Late To Cry

C. Stanley
Little Glass Of Wine

C. Stanley
I Long To See The Old Folks

C. Stanley

Go To Top Of Page [1] Ricky Skaggs/Eddie Dean 'Kentucky Traveler' book (p117)
[2] John Wright's "Travelling The High Way Home" book (p148).