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The Stanley Brothers - Soldier's Grave / Take Me Home

(King 6053) Aug 1966

Soldier's Grave
Take Me Home Generic Bag Soldier's Grave (Promo) Take Me Home (Promo)

This 7" was recorded at the sessions for the A Collection Of Original Gospel And Sacred Songs LP, which turned out be the final album they cut for King, aside from compilations/retrospectives.

Both songs were also featured on the Stanley's last full show on 16th Oct 1966 at Bean Blossom (captured on the Brown County Jamboree CD). Carter introduced Soldier's Grave, saying:- "Here's a trio number we'd like to ask George Shuffler to join in and help us do for you next. It's one of the songs that I especially enjoy trying to sing. It was popular during World War II. Some of you might remember Johnny and Walter, the Bailes Brothers from over in Charleston, West Virginia. They wrote this song and recorded it back in about '45 or something like that. Of course, there's not too many of you here that remember that far back, especially you ladies, I known there's none of you all that old, but er maybe some of the men folks might remember this 'un. It's called 'A Soldier's Grave'".

Take Me Home was likewise introduced by Carter as:- "This is another 'un that er, well to be homest with you we learned it in a Baptist meeting down home a long time ago, when they used to have the old-timers outside and dinner on the ground. All day preachin' and dinner on the ground, or all day dinner and preachin' on the ground, usually the way it turned out to be. We learned this number there. It's in our new album too, it's called 'Take Me Home Saviour, Take Me Home'".

The Bailes Brothers released Soldier's Grave on a 78 in 1946, As Long As I Live / Searching For A Soldier's Grave (Columbia 36932)[1] and there's also a transcription recording of a 1946 Grand Ol' Opry performance by them on youtube.

Ralph later re-recorded Soldier's Grave (as Searching For A Soldier's Grave) on his Pray For The Boys CD and Take Me Home on his My All And All release.

Both sides of the single can be found on The King Years, 1961-1965 4xCD box set.


For a detailed breakdown and background to the Stanley's sessions, check Gary B. Reid's The Music Of The Stanley Brothers book, pages 191-194 and 218-219.

Original Release:
Lead guitar:
Soldier's Grave
20 Sep 1965
A Collection Of Original Gospel And Sacred Songs Carter Stanley
Ralph Stanley

George Shuffler
George Shuffler

Jim Anglin / Jack Anglin / Johnnie Wright
Take Me Home
08 Sep 1965
A Collection Of Original Gospel And Sacred Songs Carter Stanley
Ralph Stanley

George Shuffler
George Shuffler


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