Clinch Mountain Echo

Ralph Stanley - Gospel Echoes Of The Stanley Brothers

(Jessup MB 129) 1971

Gospel Echoes Of The Stanley Brothers
Rear Cover Side 1 Side 2

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This Gospel album was recorded at Jessup's studios in Michigan on 3rd October 1971, but wasn't released until 1973.

All the songs had previously been recorded by The Stanley Brothers...

Ralph introduced a cappella singing into the band with the Cry From The Cross LP, recorded in February 1971, and it became a feature of the bands sound thereafter... but it is curiously absent from this release.

As ever, Roy Lee Centers spookily channel's Carter's vocal nuances to a 'T', and the rest of the CMB's are on top form...

In 1983, Plantation Records reissued this LP and the earlier Sing Michigan Bluegrass spread over three short albums. Eight tracks from 'Gospel Echoes' were featured on Gospel Echoes Of The Stanley Brothers (Plantation PLP-56) and the remaining four were included on Sing Traditional Bluegrass And Gospel (Plantation PLP-58).

The album has also been reissued on CD as part of the Echoes Of The Stanley Brothers and The Complete Jessup Recordings Plus! releases.

Side One:
Let Me Walk Lord By Your Side

C. Stanley
In Heaven We'll Never Grow Old

N.D. Johnson / L.D. Huffstutler
Wings Of Angels

Ruby Rakes
The Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn

R. Stanley
Working On A Building

A.P. Carter
Master's Bouquet

Marvin E. Baumgardner
Side Two:
Leaning On Jesus

Jim Thomas
White Dove

C. Stanley
Shouting On The Hills Of Glory

E.M. Bartlett
A Few More Seasons To Come

R. Stanley
Daniel Prayed

G.T. Speer
My Main Trial Is Yet To Come

J.L. Frank / Pee Wee King