Clinch Mountain Echo

Nathan & Ralph Stanley - Gospel Favorites

(NewPeoplesBank.Com No #) 2015

Gospel Favorites
Rear Cover CD Tray

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This Gospel project was first mentioned by Bluegrass Today in November 2013, but didn't materialise until 2015.[1]

The album was sponsored by the regional bank, "New People's Bank" who also sponsor Nathan's Living Faith TV show. It was only released as a CD-R, rather than a proper CD, and digital download...

Ralph only sings lead on one track, a slow rendition of Gloryland which has previously been released on the 2008 Nathan & Ralph Stanley - Where Will You Go CD. Elsewhere lead duties are shared with Nathan on Where Could I Go (But Too The Lord), Will The Circle Be Unbroken and Rank Stranger. Nathan sings lead on the other four tracks.

I was quite suprised to hear a Dobro on Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem, which Ralph has dismissed in the past,[2] although Mike Auldridge did play on Ralph Stanley & Joe Isaacs - A Gospel Gathering and I think Clinch Mountain Country also has Dobro on one or two tracks.

The version of Rank Stranger form this album, has also been included on the American Icon - The Definitive Collection CD.

Where Could I Go But To The Lord

J.B. Coats
Will The Circle Be Unbroken

A.P. Carter
Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem

Robert F. Boyce
I'll Just Begin To Live

Flowers For Mother

Randall J. Hibbitts
Bye And Bye

Samuel Fillmore Bennet / Joseph P. Webster

I Saw The Light

Hank Williams
Rank Stranger

Albert E. Brumley
Be Looking For Me

Arlie E. Petree ??


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[2] Talking about Carter, Ralph has previously said in the 'Man Of Constant Sorrow' book (p.225): "About the only thing we ever disagreed on with our music was the Dobro... Josh (Graves) offered to work with The Stanley Brothers, and Carter was willing to take him up on that offer... I liked Josh as a man and I liked his playing just fine, but I didn't want it in The Stanley Brothers. I didn't think the Dobro fit in with the old-time sound. It was too modern for me... We had our own sound and the Dobro would have messed it up." (Quote heavily abridged).