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Ralph Stanley - A Distant Land To Roam

Songs Of The Carter Family - One Hour Radio Special

(Sony no #) 2006

One Hour Radio Special
CD Tray

This curio is a promotional CD-R made available for radio stations, featuring music from the A Distant Land To Roam album. It also includes interview snippets by Ralph Stanley, John Carter Cash, Aaron Davis (Executive Director of the Ralph Stanley Museum) and writer Billy Altman, and is narrated by Carlene Carter.

Most of what Ralph has to say is pretty much covered in other resources, like the 'Ralph Stanley Story' DVD and 'The Man Of Constant Sorrow' book by Ralph and Eddie Dean. Similarly the show gives a potted history of The Carter Family, but for more details a book like Mark Zwonitzer & Charles Hirshberg's 'Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone?' is more useful.

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