Clinch Mountain Echo

Ralph Stanley and Friends- Live At The Old Homeplace

(Rebel REB 1627) 1983

Live At The Old Homeplace
Rear Cover Side One Side Two Stickered sleeve
Bluegrass Unlimited Advert April 1983

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Recorded live at Ralph's 'Hills Of Home' festival 26th - 29th May 1983, this is quite an eclectic mix.

On the one hand, there's Ralph's performances of Swinging A Nine Pound Hammer and Act Naturally which haven't been recorded elsewhere; and there's the 15 second I Ain't Wost (an excerpt from How Far To Little Rock) which marks Ralph II recording debut at the tender age of 4. Then there's a eulogy to Ralph written by the Rev. Charlie Love, Mr. Stanley Sing On and The Wilson Brothers' tribute We'll Hear The Stanley's Sing Again.

There's also guest performances with Larry Sparks and Dave Evans singing with Ralph; plus a track a piece by The Boys From Indiana, The Marshall Family and Larry Sparks/Dave Evans.

I think it is also the only album by Ralph to feature Buddy Moore (Hook 'n' Beans).

Some copies featured a sticker "With Larry Sparks and Dave Evans".

The album hasn't been reissued on CD.

Side One:
Swinging A Nine Pound Hammer
- Ralph Stanley

Eleanor MacGregor
I Ain't Wost
- Ralph Stanley and Ralph II

P.D. arr R. Stanley
Mr. Stanley Sing On
- Ralph Stanley

Charles Eugene Love
Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms
- Ralph Stanley & Dave Evans

We'll Hear The Stanley's Sing Again
- Wilson Brothers

Curnie Wilson / Russell Lee Wilson
Act Naturally
- Jack Cooke

John Bright Russell / Voni Morrison
Don't Step Over An Old Love
- Ralph Stanley

Fred Stryker
Side Two:
Next Sunday, Darling, Is My Birthday
- Ralph Stanley & Larry Sparks

Syd Nathan / Arthur Q. Smith
Waiting For A Train
- Boys From Indiana

Jimmie Rodgers
On Heaven's Bright Shore
- The Marshall Family

Roscoe S. Reed
I Don't Want Your Rambling Letters
- Larry Sparks & Dave Evans

Nathaniel Nathan / Ray Starr / Gene C. Redd
Amazing Grace
- All bands on stage

John Newton

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