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The Stanley Brothers - Finger Poppin' Time / It's Raining Here This Morning

(King S-7 1615) c1961

Finger Poppin' Time
It's Raining Here This Morning In Person - stero singles

This is one of five 7" 33⅓ stereo singles that were taken from the Stanley Brothers' In Person LP.

The singles were created for juke box use[1] and issued together with juke-box strips and a reproduction of the In Person sleeve. Most copies I've seen have been offered for sale as individual discs, but recently a complete set went on ebay for $125.

Finger Poppin' Time is the overdubbed version. George Shuffler later recalled that:- "we had every colored person in Cinninnati a poppin' his fingers. They's about ten. Little Gene Rudd and they even called Roy, our good buddy (that was) a shipping clerk up there, he was colored. They's about eight or ten in there poppin' our fingers on that. We was a pickin' and they was poppin' their fingers. We done it up right". Asked about whether the Stanley's objected to the Hank Ballard song, George replied: "Naw, they didn't care. Old man Syd (Nathan) thought it'd sell records and that's what we was up there for."[2]

Both sides of the single can now be found on the The Early Starday/King Years, 1958-1961 4xCD set.


For a detailed breakdown and background to the Stanley's sessions, check Gary B. Reid's The Music Of The Stanley Brothers book, 100-105, 111-114, 142-144 and 150.

Original Release:
Lead guitar:
Finger Poppin' Time
11 Jul 1960
King 5384 Carter Stanley
Ralph Stanley
Vernon Derrick

George Shuffler
Curley Lambert

Hank Ballard
It's Raining Here This Morning
14 Sep 1959
Sings Everybody's Country Favorites Carter Stanley
Ralph Stanley

George Shuffler
Bill Napier

Grandpa Jones

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[2] Liner notes to The Early Starday/King Years, 1958-1961 4xCD set (p.14 in the long box version)