Clinch Mountain Echo

Ralph Stanley - Down Where The River Bends

(Rebel SLP 1579) 1978

Down Where The River Bends
Rear Cover Side One Side Two

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Recorded on 29th March 1978 at Lemco Studios in Lexington, Ky. This album hasn't been reissued on CD...

This is the first of Ralph's albums to feature Charlie Sizemore and Junior Blankenship (although they had recorded Curly's Who's Gonna Mow My Grass? LP a couple of months earlier).

Four of the tracks were Bill Monroe numbers: Put My Little Shoes Away, Footprints In The Snow, The Old Old House and Little Girl And The Dreadful Snake.

Norma Fannin, the vice president of The Stanley Brother Fan Club wrote I Wanna Sing A Song For Carter, which Ralph had I think performed at the Hills Of Home festival in 1977 with David Marshall.[1]

For those with an advanced case of Stanley-itus, there is a very poor quality B&W video taken during the recording of I'll Just Catch A Train And Ride. Shot from the engineers booth (ie. through a plate of glass), it shows the band making last minute adjustments to the tracks arrangement.[2]

Fred Huffman, who did the artwork for this and both Curly Ray's Who's Gonna Mow My Grass? and It's Bread And Water For... LPs, later designed the commemorative Blue Grass Boy belt buckle design that Doug Hutchens made for Bill Monroe and his Blue Grass Boys in 1987.[3] He also did the artwork for I'll Wear A White Robe.

(*) vocal on Footprints In The Snow.

Side One:
Down Where The River Bends

Jack Anglin / George Peek / Johnnie Wright
Put My Little Shoes Away

P.D. arr R. Stanley
Footprints In The Snow

Rupert Jones (Bill Monroe)
Henry Brown

D. Marshall
Just Dreamin'

C. Stanley
I'll Just Catch A Train And Ride

R. Stanley
The Old Old House

George Jones / Hal Bynum
Side Two:
The Power Of Love

David G. Marshall
Dream Of A Miner's Child

Robert Donnelly / Will Geddes
I Wanna Sing A Song For Carter

Norma Fannin
Cuttin' The Cornbread

R. Stanley
Little Girl And The Dreadful Snake

Albert Price (Bill Monroe)
Pretty Woman

R. Stanley

Dan Marshall

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[3] Bob Black's book 'Come Hither To Go Yonder' (p. 136)