Clinch Mountain Echo

Danny Lee Davis - Coal Black Rock

(So Deep In The Earth)

(No label No #) 2006

Coal Black Rock
Rear Cover CDR Tray

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This CD-R was recorded at Maggard Sound Studios in Big Stone Gap, Va. and features several CMB's backing Danny Lee Davis. It is a pretty good effort, and for fans of the Stanley style, well worth seeking out.

Danny had filled in on occasions for Jack Cooke, including a trip with the CMB's to California[1] and also played Stanley-style banjo for a time with Sammy Adkins.[2] He also appears with the CMBs (on guitar) on some of the 'Cumberland Highlanders' TV shows filmed at (I think) the 2008 Jerusalem Ridge Festival.

Ralph sings backing on the two original tracks, Coal Black Rock and Church In The Sky, which are both decent songs in the Stanley traition. The two recordings were later also included on Danny's 'The Long Goodbye' CD-R.

In 2014, Danny also appeared singing on a TV commercial for Yellawood. You can hear the Hard Work song on youtube, and if you're in the States can also download the MP3.

The cover shot for 'Coal Black Rock' is credited to another former CMB, Troy 'Renfro' Profitt.

Finally, it's worth searching youtube, which has several Danny Lee Davis clips... just make sure you don't confuse him with the Danny Davis of the Nashville Brass!

(*) and banjo on John Hardy
(**) Ralph sings backing on Coal Black Rock and Church In The Sky.

Coal Black Rock

Danny Lee Davis
Lonesome Old Song

Gene Duty / R. Stanley
How Mountain Girls Can Love

Ruby Rakes
Nobody's Love Is Like Mine

C. Stanley
Trust Each Other's Trust

R. Stanley
Cluck Ole Hen

Church In The Sky

Danny Lee Davis
Bound To Ride

Arthur Leroy Smith
All The Love I Had Is Gone

Roy Lee Centers
Chicken Reel

I Hear A Choo Choo Coming

Corbet 'Cuddles' Newsome
John Hardy


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