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The Stanley Brothers - Live At Antioch College 1960

(Vintage Collector's Club ZK-002) c198?

Live At Antioch College 1960
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This is a live bootleg with material from the Stanley Brothers 14th May 1960 show at Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Oh. It was the first time the Stanley's had played at a college and it followed on from an appearance at Antioch by The Osborne Brothers in March. Jeremy Foster and Alice Gerrard were key to persuading the college to book the Stanleys[1] and judging by the crowd's applause the show was a great success.

The sound quality isn't up to the standard of the 'Stanley Series', but the album is still definitely worth hearing as Ralph and Carter are on fine form, and the backing from Ralph Mayo, Curley Lambert and Lindy Clear is equally as good.

Two tracks from the concert have also been compiled, with Shake My Mother's Hand For Me on The Legendary Stanley Brothers Recorded Live, Vol. 1 and Bound To Ride on Vol. 2. Both tracks are better quality than this bootleg. There is also an 'nth' generation MP3 copy of the concert available at Fred Robbins' website. This is worse quality, but retains more of the dialogue and has several additional tracks including Lindy Clear's comedy routines. It also presumably is the correct song order too. The LP does however contain one track - Home Sweet Home which isn't on the longer tape, and has the full version of Bound To Ride which is cut on the tape.

For more info see this Track List Comparison.

The show was recorded by Jeremy Foster and also by Mike Seeger.

Thanks to Chris Wing for the loan of the LP.


For more detailed breakdown and background to the show, check Gary B. Reid's The Music Of The Stanley Brothers book, pages 107 and 146-147.

Side One:
How Mountain Girls Can Love

Ruby Rakes
Sunny Side Of The Mountain

Harry C. McAuliffe / Bobby Gregory
Cripple Creek / Cumberland Gap

A Voice From On High

Bill Monroe / Bessie Maudlin
White Dove

C. Stanley
Uncle Pen

Bill Monroe
Cluck Ol' Hen

John Henry

Mountain Dew

Bascom Lamar Lunsford / Scotty Wiseman
Side Two:
Bound To Ride

Arthur Leroy Smith
Little Birdie

Shake My Mother's Hand For Me

Thomas A. Dorsey
Are You Afraid To Die

Ira Louvin / Charlie Louvin / Eddie Hill
Pig In A Pen

P.D. or Arthur Smith?
Home Sweet Home

Bishop / Payne
Don't Go Out Tonight

G.B. Grayson
Orange Blossom Special

Ervin T. Rouse

Go To Top Of Page [1] Neil V. Rosenberg's book 'Bluegrass - A History' (p. 158)