Clinch Mountain Echo

Curly Ray Cline - Why Me Ralph?

(Rebel SLP 1545) 1975

Why Me Ralph?
Rear Cover Side One Side Two

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On the 26th March 1975 after the band had finished recording Let Me Rest On A Peaceful Mountain they used the rest of the day to record Curly's fifth album for Rebel.

Why Me Ralph?, one of Curly's most popular vocals, is a spoof of Kris Kristoffrson's Why Me Lord, which had been a big hit in 1973, and which Keith Whitley re-wrote for Curly. Curly sounds like he's trying to mimic Kristofferson, but can't stop laughing and inevitably the band all crack up towards the end... great stuff! Later, Curly cut a 'straight' instrumental version of Why Me Lord on his The Old Kentucky Fox Hunter Plays Gospel LP.

The other vocal number Money In The Bank, which seems to have been inspired by the gospel song Honey In The Rock, also has some fine lyrics;

"I used to be a lonesome pine fiddler
I used to dig a little bit of coal
Now I'm working for Mr. Ralph Stanley
And eveything I touch turns to gold

There's money in the bank my brothers
There's money in the bank for me
See the smile on the teller in the window
There's money in the bank for me"

The remainder of the album consists of instrumental tunes, once again showcasing Curly's exhaustive repertoire, and skills with the fiddle.

This album also has a fine cover - I'm particularly fond of the back photo which shows Curly coming out of the mine and Ralph handing him his fiddle.

Side One:
Why Me Ralph?

Keith Whitley / Curly Ray Cline
Rickey Allen

Curly Ray Cline
Whispering Hope

Septimus Winner
Alabama Jubilee

George L. Cobb / Jack Yellen
Sugar Tree Stump

Arthur Smith
When They Ring Those Golden Bells

Dion De Marbelle
Side Two:
Money In The Bank

Curly Ray Cline
Crazy Blues

Perry Bradford
Chinese Breakdown

Fred Roe (?)
Florida Blues

Arthur Leroy Smith
Wild Horses

Sweet Bunch Of Daisies

Anita Owen


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