Clinch Mountain Echo

Dave Eggar - Kingston Morning

(Domo Records 73115-2) 2010

Dave Eggar - Kingston Morning
Rear Cover CD Tray

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This is a very eclectic CD, which features Ralph singing Jacob's Vision accompanied by Dave Eggar on cello. A short 1:32 min version of the song can be heard on youtube and if that wets your appetite then the full version on CD/download lasts 3:59 min.

The rest of the material is diverse. Eggar's mission to "not just cross over, but to cross through" multiple genres of music is apparent (as his press blurb puts it). Some tracks like Follow Me To The Sun remind me of early Porcupine Tree / Steven Wilson; Earth's Paradise is a reggae song with an evironmental plea; Trojan Horse features a sample from Pink Floyd's 'Meddle' album (the Liverpool 'Kop' crowd bit from Fearless) and is also reminiscent of Amon Düül II in places. Elsewhere there's an avant garde jazz / irish folk hybrid, an incredible version of Michael Brecker's Itsbynne Reel (which was nominated for a Grammy for "Best Instrumental Arrangement"); and some more 'indie' sounding tracks... which are a bit of a mixed bag, and not wholly successful.

To be honest... the album drags a bit, but then I'd rather listen to stuff that's a bit more down to earth.

In 2016 an extended version of the album was released as a digital download with five bonus tracks. One of which entitled Ralph, features Ralph Stanley talking. He introduces himself, explaining that he first recorded at Maggard Studio in 1978 when he recorded Down Where The River Bends and listing the CMB's at the time. Ralph then goes on to explain that he was born and raised in the Clinch Mountains and has lived there biggest part of his life, all the while being accompanied by Dave Eggar's cello... It sounds like the 'song' may have been intended as an introductory piece to Jacob's Vision. Incidentally, the liner notes to Down Where The River Bends say that LP was recorded in Lemco Studios in Lexington, Ky... (I think Ralph recorded in Maggard for the first time in 1980, when he recorded the Hymn Time LP).

Follow Me To The Sun

Eggar / Palmer
Earth's Paradise

Eggar / Palmer / Quintero / Tucker
Tojan Horse

Eggar / Palmer / Quintero
August Moon

Eggar / Fanai / Cinema12
Itsbynne Reel

Rain In The Face

Costello / Eggar / House Of Waters / Palmer
Blackwater Song

Winter War

Cantone / Eggar / Palmer
Jacob's Vision - Ralph Stanley

P.D. arr Dave Eggar / Chuck Palmer

Eggar / Palmer
Kingston Morning

Eggar / Palmer / Quintero


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