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The Stanley Brothers - In Memory Of Carter Stanley:

"An Empty Mansion"

(Rimrock RLP-153) 1967

An Empty Mansion
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This gospel album, along with A Beautiful Life was recorded in December 1965 at Wayne Raney's studio in Concord, Arkansas, but wasn't released until 1967.[1] At the time it was recorded, the Stanleys were inbetween contracts with King.[2]

In the liner notes Ralph gives a brief history of The Stanley Brothers, and has this to say about the recording sessions:- "I don't remember the exact date, but we met a very dear friend by the name of Wayne Raney. We had heard and admired him since we were all very young, but when he started spinning the country records on WCKY in Cincinnati, Ohio we had the priviledge of meeting him. We began to visit him at his home each time we were in that part of the country. It was on one of these visits that he told us we were his favorites when it came to singing hymns, and asked if we would record some hymns that he could someday release on this album. This we did and the songs that you hear on this album are some of the songs we did. Speaking for Carter, the way he felt and the way I feel, Wayne Raney did more for the Stanley Brothers by playing our records and promoting us than anyone else..."

It was the last studio session to feature Carter, and although his vocals are ok, the performances are generally a bit lacklustre. (Or I might just be suffering from gospel overload).

Originally released on Wayne Raney's Rimrock label, the album was reissued (Old Homestead OHCS-118) 1978 and on CD (Old Homestead OHCD-118) 1999. A further CD-R release followed in 2008 (Old Homestead OHCD-118) with the tracks in a different order.

Thanks to Chris Wing for the scans of the Old Homestead LP and 1999 CD covers.

NB: Wayne Rayney also plays harmonica on Where The Soul Never Dies


For detailed information on these sessions, check Gary B. Reid's The Music Of The Stanley Brothers book, pages 194-196 and 219-220.

Side One:
Hand In Hand With Jesus

L.D. Huffstutler / Rev. Johnson Oatman Jr.
Lord, I'm Coming Home

William J. Fitzpatrick
Softly And Tenderly

Will L. Thompson
Hold To God's Unchanging Hand

Jennie B. Wilson
The Blood That Stained The Old Rugged Cross

Albert E. Brumley
Where Could I Go

J.B. Coats
Leaning On The Everlasting Arms

Elisha A. Hoffman / Anthony J. Showalter
Side Two:
Are You Washed In The Blood

Elisha Hoffman
What Would You Give In Exchange

F.J. Berry / James J. Carr
Where The Soul Never Dies

William M. Golden
I'll Meet You In Church Sunday Morning

Bill Monroe
An Empty Mansion

Clarence A. Luttrell / Beuna Ora Bryant Karnes
This World Is Not My Home

Brumley & Sons
I'll Meet You In The Morning

Albert E. Brumley

Go To Top Of Page [1] Gary B. Reid's book "The Music Of The Stanley Brothers" (p194-196)
[2] A letter dated 27th Feb 1967 to DJ's by Norman Carlson, Indiana Representative of The Stanley Brothers & Bill Monroe Fan Club, reprinted in the 'Stanley Standard' Memorial Issue (p.58) says:- "RIMROCK 200, one side exclusive material recorded by The Stanleys between contracts, is also available.".