Clinch Mountain Echo

The Stanley Brothers - A Beautiful Life:

"Singing Pure As A Mountain Stream"

(Rimrock RLP-200) c1967

A Beautiful Life
Rear Cover Side One Side Two Original Front cover? (image taken from the 'Goes To Europe' rear sleeve).
Old Homestead Front Cover Old Homestead Cover Old Homestead Side One (Early copy) Old Homestead Side Two (Early copy)
Old Homestead Side One (Later copy) Old Homestead Side Two (Later copy)
Old Homestead CD 1999 Old Homestead CD 1999- Rear Cover Old Homestead CD 1999 - TRay

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This gospel album, along with An Empty Mansion was recorded in December 1965 at Wayne Raney's studio in Concord, Arkansas, but wasn't released until 1967.[1] At the time it was recorded, the Stanleys were inbetween contracts with King.[2]

It was the last studio session to feature Carter, and although his vocals are ok, the performances are generally a bit lacklustre. (Or more likely, I'm just be suffering from gospel overload at the moment).

The history of this album is a bit convoluted, but I think the Rimrock sleeve and track list shown are for a 2nd issue. There were I believe three earlier albums with the same catalogue number (RLP-200). Two were split albums featuring one side by The Stanleys and one side by Jackie & Larry Dickson. One version was entitled "A Beautiful Life" and had a landscape picture on the front, and the other was entitled Goes To Europe. The three Stanley Brothers tracks which were omitted from these split albums, were featured on the V/A - 16 Gospel Hall Of Fame (Rimrock 1003) LP c1967... A third 'RLP-200' album is shown on the rear sleeve of the earlier copies of Goes To Europe, and is titled as 'The World Famous Stanley Brothers - Singing Pure As A Mountain Stream'. According to Charley Pennell's Bluegrass Discography, this version was released in March 1967, and has the same tracks as listed below.

The full version of the album was reissued (Old Homestead OHCS-119) 1978 and on CD (Old Homestead OHCD-119) 1999. A further CD-R release followed in 2008, although I don't have a copy of that to scan.

Thanks to Chris Wing for the scans of the Old Homestead LP and 1999 CD covers.


For detailed information on these sessions, check Gary B. Reid's The Music Of The Stanley Brothers book, pages 194-196 and 219-220.

Side One:
If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again

John W. Vaughan
Jesus Savior Pilot Me

J.R. Baxter / J.R. Gould / Edward Hooper
Over In The Glory Land

J.E. Reynolds / W.P. Snyder
Beautiful Life

William M. Golden
Nobody Answered Me

Albert E. Brumley
Side Two:
Precious Memories

Johnnie Wright
We Shall Meet Someday

T. Teddie
Amazing Grace

John Newton
How Beautiful Heaven Must Be

A.S. Bridgewater / Andy P. Bland
Farther Along

W.B. Stevens
Just A Little Talk With Jesus

Cleavant Derricks

Go To Top Of Page [1] Gary B. Reid's book "The Music Of The Stanley Brothers" (p194-196)
[2] A letter dated 27th Feb 1967 to DJ's by Norman Carlson, Indiana Representative of The Stanley Brothers & Bill Monroe Fan Club, reprinted in the 'Stanley Standard' Memorial Issue (p.58) says:- "RIMROCK 200, one side exclusive material recorded by The Stanleys between contracts, is also available.".