Clinch Mountain Echo

Ralph Stanley - Let Me Rest On A Peaceful Mountain

(Hills Of Home)

(Rebel SLP 1544) 1975

Let Me Rest On A Peaceful Mountain
Rear Cover Side One Side Two Japanese copy

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This Gospel album was recorded on the 25-26th March 1975 at Roy Homer's basement studio, just prior to Curly Ray's Why Me Ralph? LP.

Somehow, it hasn't been reissued on CD... which is a shame.

Hills Of Home had previously been recorded on Ralph's third and final King LP Hills Of Home. He'd asked Wandall 'Wendy' Smith to write the track in 1967, shortly after Carter died, but didn't record it until 1969.[1] The version, here is bit more perfunctory, with the instruments lower in the mix... and at a slower tempo.

Five of the twelve cuts are co-credited with David Marshall, of The Marshall Family. From 1974 they were regular performers at the 'Hills Of Home' festival in McClure, and sibling Dan Marshall took over the lead guitar spot from Ricky Lee towards the end of 1975.

The Baptism Of Jesse Taylor had previously been recorded by George Jones.

Keith Whitley is credited with two of the songs, Looking For The Stone (co-credited with Ralph) and Zion's Hill (which is actually an old hymnal written by James A. Crutchfield).

You Better Sit Down And Pray, Children Go Where I Send Thee, They Won't Believe, Turn Back are performed (largely) a cappella.

Purple Robe had previously been recorded by The Stanley Brothers.

The sleeve shows the band at the 'Hills Of Home' cemetary at Smith Ridge. Ralph's mother had died 12 May 1973[2] and this was the first CMB album recorded since she died. It seems likely that Thank You Mom was included as a tribute.

"Mother I am sorry for the times I hurt your feelings
Mummy, what I'm trying to say is the words they don't come easy
I know you prayed for this old boy, when no-one else was praying
So thank you Mom, and praise you God, what else can I say.

The album was also released in Japan (Seven Seas GXF-6004).

Side One:
Hills Of Home

Wendy Smith / R. Stanley
My Lord's Gonna Bless Me

David G. Marshall / R. Stanley
You Better Sit Down And Pray

David G. Marshall / R. Stanley
Looking For The Stone

Keith Whitley / R. Stanley
Children Go Where I Send Thee

P.D. arr C. Love
Baptism Of Jesse Taylor

Dallas Frazier / Sanger D. Shafer
Side Two:
They Won't Believe

David G. Marshall / R. Stanley
Zion's Hill

James A. Crutchfield
Turn Back

P.D. arr R. Stanley
Thank You Mom

David G. Marshall / R. Stanley
Take A Walk

David G. Marshall / R. Stanley
Purple Robe

P.D. arr R. Stanley

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[2] See:
Roy Lee Centers and Curly Ray Cline were pallbearers at her funeral.