Clinch Mountain Echo

Ralph Stanley - Single Girl / Little Birdie

(Tompkins Square TSQ-22527) 2012

Single Girl
Little Birdie

This 78 rpm 10" was issued as a limited edition of 500 copies and sold in independant record stores on 'Record Store Day' 21st April 2012. At the time, Ralph's version of Single Girl was previously unreleased.

Single Girl is of course the Carter Family classic, which they recorded at the legendary Bristol 1927 sessions. The song is credited to A.P. Carter but apparently he learnt it from his mother Mollie, who had nine children to look after.[1] Carter Stanley had performed it as a solo vocal piece on occassion, with live versions resurfacing on the Folk Festival 2xCD, the 1965 Fincastle tapes,[2] and the Together For The Last Time/Brown County Jamboree albums.

More recently, Ralph's version of Single Girl was included as a bonus track on the Rebel CD compilation My Life & Legacy, along with the 1973 version of Little Birdie which is on the flipside of the 78.

I'm not sure of the line-up or recording date for Ralph's Single Girl. An advert in 'Bluegrass Unlimited' for the 2014 My Life & Legacy album said it was '20 years old' but it sounds much more recent to me - I guess 1995-2005.


Original Release:
Guitar/Lead vocal:
Single Girl
1994 or 2005
Tompins Square TSQ-22527
Steve Sparkman
Dewey Brown
Ralph II Stanley?
James Alan Shelton
Jack Cooke

A.P. Carter
Little Birdie
22 Mar 1973
A Man And His Music
Ralph Stanley
Curly Ray Cline
Roy Lee Centers
Ricky Lee
Jack Cooke


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[2] See http://frobbi.org/audio/ivor/Fincastle65-2/index.html