Clinch Mountain Echo

The Stanley Brothers - Goes To Europe

Also Featuring Jackie & Larry Dickson

(Rimrock RLP-200) c1966

Goes To Europe
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This is a split album with one side by The Stanley Brothers and the other by Jackie & Larry Dickson. Another version of the album, with the same tracks and catalogue number (RLP-200) was titled "A Beautiful Life" and featured a landscape picture on the front.

Given the title, I'd guess it was released in 1966, as The Stanleys toured Europe in the spring of 1966, and perhaps then issued as "A Beautiful Life"?

A letter to DJ's sent out on the 27th Feb 1967,[1] says:- "Starday is supplying and distributing SLP-384 (Jacob's Vision), the new gospel release by The Stanleys but they are slightly behind in their pressing. RIMROCK 200, one side exclusive material recorded by The Stanleys between contracts, is also available." This I think confirms that the one-sided version of RLP-200 came first, not to mention the bit about being 'in-between contracts'.

A second version of A Beautiful Life, omitted the Jackie & Larry Dickson cuts, but included the same Stanley Brothers tracks, plus three from the same sessions which had appeared on a V/A - 16 Gospel Hall Of Fame (Rimrock 1003) LP c1967... This seems to have originally been released as 'The World Famous Stanley Brothers - Singing Pure As A Mountain Stream' and subsequently renamed A Beautiful Life.

The Stanley Brothers sessions for the album took place in December 1965 at Wayne Raney's studio in Concord, Arkansas, at the same time as the An Empty Mansion was recorded.[2]

This was the last studio session to feature Carter.

There are at least three versions of the 'Goes To Europe' album, with the same front cover. I think the earliest two had images of other albums, including a picture of 'The World Famous Stanley Brothers - Singing Pure As A Mountain Stream'. The second variation with the box/arrows design is similiar to the later copies of A Beautiful Life, so probably dates from around the same time.

Both the alternate version of (RLP-200) (as "A Beautiful Life" with landscape artwork) and the regular "Goes To Europe" are from the same masters - ie. the writing in the dead wax is the same. Also on both versions the front colour picture is printed on a separate piece of paper and pasted to the front jacket.


For detailed information on these sessions, check Gary B. Reid's The Music Of The Stanley Brothers book, pages 194-196 and 219-220.

Side One:
If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again

John W. Vaughan
Jesus Savior Pilot Me

J.R. Baxter / J.R. Gould / Edward Hooper
Over In The Glory Land

J.E. Reynolds / W.P. Snyder
Beautiful Life

William M. Golden
We Shall Meet Someday

T. Teddie
How Beautiful Heaven Must Be

A.S. Bridgewater / Andy P. Bland
Farther Along

W.B. Stevens
Just A Little Talk With Jesus

Cleavant Derricks
Side Two:
I'll Fly Away
- Jackie & Larry Dickson

Albert E. Brumley
Just A Closer Walk With Thee
- Jackie & Larry Dickson

P.D. (?)
Who At My Door Is Standing
- Jackie & Larry Dickson

Mary B. SLade
Jesus Hold My Hand
- Jackie & Larry Dickson

Albert E. Brumley
I'm Going That Way
- Jackie & Larry Dickson

James Rowe / L.B. Register
I'll Live In Glory
- Jackie & Larry Dickson

John M. Henson
Kneel At The Cross
- Jackie & Larry Dickson

Charles Moody
Looking For A City
- Jackie & Larry Dickson

W. Oliver Cooper

Go To Top Of Page [1] Letter to DJ's by Norman Carlson, Indiana Representative of The Stanley Brothers & Bill Monroe Fan Club, reprinted in the 'Stanley Standard' Memorial Issue (p.58).
[2] Gary B. Reid's book "The Music Of The Stanley Brothers" (p194-196)